DIAMAP Project Website Goes Live

Diamap Conference

The DIAMAP Road Map for Diabetes Research in Europe is being relaunched with a new interactive website www.diamap.eu. The website will be demonstrated during research events in 2018, see this website for updates. It is an interactive tool developed by using data gathered during the original European Commission FP7-funded DIAMAP project.

In addition to the Roadmaps, the website also includes a Landscape Map and Searchable Databases locating diabetes researchers and the organisations that fund the research across Europe. EURADIA is now contacting researchers individually by email to collect information for this Landscape.

EURADIA hosted a pre-EASD symposium based upon DIAMAP2020, in Lisbon on Monday 11 September. Read the meeting report here.

(Pictured above left-right, DIAMAP team: Dr Olivier Arnaud, Prof Chantal Mathieu, Sarah Hills).

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