SURVEY Diabetes Research Funding in Europe: Impact of Covid-19


A Message to Organisations that Fund Research into Diabetes


Because of the Covid-19 pandemic there is evidence that some Organisations have been severely impacted by reduced income. This will have an adverse impact on resources available for research – and ultimately on People with Diabetes who will not benefit from research advances. For this reason EURADIA is carrying out a survey of funding for research into Diabetes during the Covid-19 pandemic.

If your Organisation provides funding for Diabetes research EURADIA invites you to participate in this survey by completing a short questionnaire, which can be carried out online via the link below. It takes about 20 minutes and it would be useful to have details of your Organisation’s funding budget for the past few years available.

You may also preview the questionnaire here: EURADIA Survey June 2021

The survey – and your contribution – will provide invaluable information for the community when planning both now, and into the future. This data will provide a better picture of the impact of the pandemic, which will be crucial in the fight to sustain and improve resources for Diabetes research.

If you would prefer to speak with us in person rather than using the online questionnaire please do contact us by email:

Thank you for your time.

Professor Andrew Boulton
Chairman of EURADIA

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