High-level advocacy for diabetes research

Advocacy with the European institutions was the original motivation to create EURADIA, which emerged from a collaboration of leadership of European diabetes NGOs (academic science, people with diabetes and health professionals) and a number of healthcare companies that approached the Commission in unison to voice their concern that diabetes had not been included in the Sixth Framework Research Programme (FP6). EURADIA has now developed a proactive stance within the discussions over all European funding.

EURADIA is following Horizon 2020 and other programmes with individual MEPs and committees in Parliament to promote diabetes research. When the programmes are running EURADIA aims to advocate to ensure contact with European Commission staff and committees to ensure that diabetes research retains a high profile. EURADIA provides Parliament and Commission with information about diabetes research.

EURADIA works independently and together with other organisations including the European Coalition for Diabetes (ECD), which have a wider scope beyond diabetes research. Diabetes research can be highlighted at specific events in the European Parliament and Commission calendars. In discussions on diabetes research it is important to highlight the European Parliament Resolution for the EU Diabetes Epidemic.

Information on Horizon 2020 can be found here

Overall objective

  • Ensure that diabetes research is well placed for future calls under Horizon 2020

Specific objectives

  • Work on implementing an EU advocacy campaign targeting all three EU institutions (European Commission, European Parliament and Council of the European Union) to position and continue raising the profile of diabetes research at EU policy level
  • Advocate to ensure the inclusion of diabetes research in Horizon 2020 (and beyond) proposals so as to secure earmarked funding

Background to health research in Horizon 2020

  • Horizon 2020 is structured around three pillars:
    • Excellent Science
    • Industrial Leadership
    • Societal Challenges
  • Health is addressed under Horizon 2020’s third pillar on Societal Challenges which allocates €9,077 billion to tackle “Health, demographic change and wellbeing”
  • Diabetes is mentioned as one of the chronic conditions, which are major causes of disability, ill health and premature death, and present considerable social and economic costs. In the current economic context and given the rising cost of health and social care, the Commission highlights the need for an appropriate European level response to research and innovation in the area of chronic diseases.

The focus of EURADIA’s advocacy campaign was to showcase diabetes as a societal challenge that can be addressed through increased research, hence the need for increased research funding