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Our Mission

As a unique alliance of NGOs and healthcare companies, EURADIA’s mission is to improve the lives of people affected by diabetes both now and in the future, through advocacy of diabetes research in Europe at the highest political and societal levels of influence, by improving coordination of European diabetes research and by shaping the allocation of resources for such research through increased awareness.


Who we are: EURADIA is an alliance of non-governmental organisations (NGOs) and healthcare companies working for diabetes research. The NGOs include European academic and clinical researchers, healthcare professionals and patient groups.

What we do: We provide a platform for all those undertaking research to work together to benefit the wellbeing of people with diabetes, through advocacy for increased funding and improved coordination of diabetes research in Europe.

A Brief History of EURADIA

EURADIA began in 2003 as a collaboration of NGOs and healthcare companies with an interest in supporting and promoting diabetes research at European Level.

This successful collaboration has grown in number of stakeholders and has a Secretariat based in the UK.

EURADIA is an independent charity registered with the Charity Commission for England and Wales.

BREAKING NEWS: European Commission to propose €100B for #research programme. Horizon Europe is one of only two EU #budget lines expected to get increase in seven-year proposal. Full detail: #HorizonEurope #FP9 #EC #EU #innovation

Do u know what's the price of #ChronicDiseases for Europe? According to the @OECD, EU countries spend €115 billion per year on chronic diseases.
At #CHRODISplus we work to reduce this burden & ensure the sustainability of #health systems.
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IMI turns 10 this year! Meet our projects and find out how we are speeding up the development of the next generation of medicines at #IMITenYears #IMICarryTheTorch #H2020 #ResearchImpactEU

Rocking Science: Don't miss the charity concert of "The Sugar Daddies" at DDG-congress tomorrow evening in Berlin. If you can't get enough of them - they will also perform at #HelmholtzDiabetes2018 @DDG_Tweets @helmholtz_diabc

At #DUKPC we released new evidence-based nutritional guidelines for healthcare professionals to support adults with #diabetes and those at risk of #Type2. Made by a committee of specialist dietitians, the guidelines ensure everyone can enjoy food while staying healthy. Read more:

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