The mission of DIAMAP was to undertake a wide survey of the European diabetes research landscape between 2005-2008, from which expert opinion can identify gaps and highlight strengths, to guide a Road Map strategy for future diabetes research in Europe.

In the EU there are more than 30 million people living with diabetes (around 50 million across Europe as a whole). The challenge to the diabetes stakeholder community is to respond with coordinated research that can be translated into effective treatments. While support from the European Commission (EC), national funding agencies and private foundations play an important role in advancing research there is a lack of information on research gaps and overlap.

Diabetes in its two major forms is a complex, multisystem polygenic disease that is complicated to treat and pervades all areas of health services. It is common, affects people of every age and is exacerbated by lifestyle factors in many cases. The complications are devastating and can be lifethreatening. Better-targeted approaches to research funding as well as a more coordinated response to emerging health needs and research opportunities are necessary.

DIAMAP is the response of EURADIA to the research challenge.

Updating the DIAMAP Road Map for Diabetes in Europe project is central to EURADIA’s mission and is the tool that generates the material essential for a rational diabetes advocacy strategy, targeting support for diabetes research at European and national level.  We are extremely fortunate that Professor Chantal Mathieu from KU Leuven, Belgium  is chairing this initiative; it is her skill and enthusiasm that has ensured progress during the past year.  She has overseen the impact survey, which provided a basis for the update. The survey showed that the original DIAMAP is still current and useful, and has led to the development of a new interactive website, to be launched early 2017.

EURADIA is updating the Focused Expert groups from the original project and looking at ways to engage the diabetes research community in this initiative.  It is intended that DIAMAP will become a living and ongoing resource for diabetes research.